40 Steps to Create a Vinyl Sticker

1. Open Studio (or whichever graphics program you use)

2. Open Shutterstock (or wherever you purchase graphics)

3. Select your image

4. Download to your hard drive

5. Import to Studio

6. Trace the image

7. Create an offset of the trace

8. Delete the trace

9. Save to hard drive as pdf

10. Open Illustrator

11. Import the pdf to Illustrator

12. Flatten the transparency

13. Select the cutline-apply Roland spot color

14. Save as pdf to hard drive -replace

15. Save pdf to removable flash drive

16. Insert removable flash to HP

17. Save image to HP hard drive

18. Delete image from flash

19. Eject Flash

20. Import image to VW

21. Set up image in VW

22. Put media in printer

23. Set up media in printer

24. Hit print

25. Pull out cut strip

26. Peel away excess media

27. Cut apart images

28. Index the image

29. Store the sticker

30. List on Etsy

31. Share to Pinterest

32. Share to Facebook

33. List on Website

34. List on Ebay

35. List on Amazon

36. Take a picture

37. Post to Instagram

38. Print on all other medias

39. Store with the rest.

40. Give one to my daughters!

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