Orajet 1917 Inkjet Printable Vinyl 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet Compatible with most desktop printers

Orajet 1917 Inkjet Printable Vinyl 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet Compatible with most desktop printers

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This vinyl is compatible with most desktop inkjet printers.

Brand: Oracal
Roll Width: 8.5"
Roll Length: 11"

THIS IS NOT HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)


Special soft very white matt PVC film with a microporous waterproof inkjet coating on one side. Release Paper Silicone coated paper, 135 g/m²


Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, transparent

Area of use

For use in brilliant and colourful displays. The film has long-term protection against UV-rays and mechanical stress when combined with ORAGUARD® laminating films. For indoor applications, when using dye-inks, lamination is required. For outdoor applications with direct contact to water, sealing of the edges is recommended.  Note: check UV outdoor rating for the ink being used.  Long term use in direct sunlight may not be recommended.

Printing Method

Water-based inkjet printing, dye, oil-based, mild solvent and pigmented inks.

This product allows for anyone to print their own full color graphics using aqueous pigment ink or thermal inkjet technology.  Matte white finish.  Lamination is recommended if image would potentially get wet. 

5.51 mil

This material comes to my distributor on a roll. They cut these sheets to size. Since the material is originally rolled onto a core, it will naturally curl on the ends. They ship these to My Vinyl Cut inside or outside a core rolled backwards to help straighten the curve. If you receive these and the sheet will not go through your printer due to the curve, please consider placing a heavy stack of books on top to flatten the sheets.

I will send these to you in a sturdy flat envelope but they still may curl.