Waterslide Decal Pop Art Girls Choose One

Waterslide Decal Pop Art Girls Choose One

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Inkjet printed images are more vibrant but need to be spray sealed by you. They do not come pre sealed. If dunked in water without sealing, the ink will dissolve.

Laser printed images are more muted/faded looking but do not need to be spray sealed. They are ready for the water.

White is opaque and need to be trimmed very close around the edge to hide the white border. Also for white inkjet, 1 coat of clear Plasti Dip is needed after your 3 coats of clear acrylic spray to prevent cracking during transfer.

Clear is transparent (the backing and the ink), no need for close trimming and looks best on a white or light background.

VIDEO showing how to spray seal the inkjet and apply: 


VIDEO showing the mirror/tattoo method:


VIDEO showing the difference between inkjet and laser: