Waterslide Sheet of Decals VINTAGE NAUTICAL Full Sheet

Waterslide Sheet of Decals VINTAGE NAUTICAL Full Sheet

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I have printed this image on a sheet of clear waterslide paper using an inkjet printer. THEY ARE NOT SEALED. They need to be spray sealed by you when you get them.

You can also choose to have these printed on a sheet of clear laser paper. These will not need to be sealed, but just note the image will not be a vibrant as if printed with an inkjet printer.

All are various sized

I know all cups are different so if you need a certain height or width, just purchase the one you want and in the notes, put your dimensions. It may or may not cause a price change.

They have not been contour cut so you can cut them the way you want. YOU NEED TO SPRAY COAT THEM.

They have not been coated so you can coat them with whatever spray you like. YOU USE WHAT YOU NORMALLY USE.

I used a photo quality inkjet printer and premium waterslide papers. (I also sell the blank waterslide paper)

You will need to coat these with your favorite uv/poly spray.

Watch my video on YouTube, copy and paste the link: https://youtu.be/WLtyjigXAec

Instructions from the manufacturer, I will also send a printed sheet of my instructions along with your order with a scrap to test on:

Apply a generous amount of the u/v sealant spray onto the transfer paper and allow to dry
(some suggest up to 3 coats)

Follow the U/V sealant manufacturer instructions carefully

Make sure that this procedure is in an open and ventilated area, and protect eyes, nose and mouth as suggested by U/V sealant spray manufacturer
(I would also use gloves)

Allow the sealant to dry

Cut out the imaged area and submerge the decal into lukewarm water for 30 seconds
(I have seen someone use a drop or two of dish soap in the water)

Slide the image off the carrier sheet and place onto the substrate. Position the decal as required.

Dry the decal by using a hair dryer.
(use a sponge to lightly dab the water from underneath and from on top-you can smooth slightly to squeegie out the water) Be careful with this step so you don't scrape off the ink/image.

If applying to ceramic, metal, wood, or glass, place substrate into an oven and back at 300 degrees for 30-120 min.


I do allow commercial use, meaning you can put this on a cup and sell the cup.